The 12th Annual COOL Venue Awards

Secret Location / 26th September 2019

Be part of the biggest & COOLest night in the events industry.

Nominations - early September

Certified as the biggest night in the events industry

The COOL Venue Awards, an entirely unique and defining accolade, aims to recognise an unsung but large influential element in the planning of a corporate event – How exciting is the venue? Will the invitees RSVP? Will they turn up? Now in its 12th year, the COOL Venue Awards has become the biggest awards show in the events industry, reaching an online audience of over 10 million last year. That’s 3x the audience of all other event industry awards COMBINED.
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A Pure Extravaganza!

In typical COOL Venue Award tradition, there will be a whole host of entertainment on display, from footjugglers to contortionists to close-up magicians, who all live up to the COOL name. We’ll also be supplying party photobooths, a VR + Retro games room, as well as sponsored drinks hours and sets by the world’s best DJs!

Dress Code: Dress to Impress

The 9th Annual COOL Venue Awards 2016

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A COOL Venue should have: Charisma, Originality, Style, Innovation, Sex Appeal, Authenticity, Aspiration, And Uniqueness. We understand that COOL is a very personal opinion, so we use a panel of judges to finalise nominees and winners.


2020 Club
26 Leake Street
Liquor to Lips
Oxus gin

Off to Work
VNV Live
Absorb Films

JP Toastermaster
Martin James
Just Talent
Vanity Van